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Special Features

Mobile App and Web channels. - Parent & teacher engagement enabled by App. Activity tracker and sharing. - Custom solution to meet and exceed the needs of each school. - School Sign-in Sign-out sheets for visitors/volunteers and students automated. - School field trip management and tracking.

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At Joyofy, we believe there is a better way to care for children. A joyful way where parents satisfaction meets child’s happiness and comfort. We're obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it. Our founders, both with kids in 4 – 5 years of age group, were not pleased with the lack of visibility to their child’s activities at school, as well as, distraught about the association with schools/ after schools on pick-up and drop-off schedules. With this problem at hand, founders started an incredible journey. Together the duo- created a solution that met the needs of the schools and parents.

With a full faith in the transformative power of technology and its ability to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere, we created a delighting software product. Our mobile and web based application makes it very easy for teachers and day care, school providers to share kids activities pictures, have one click check-in, check-out and automatic notifications and a lot more. Together, these features provide a very powerful tool set, which meets and exceeds the needs of the schools, parents, and children.
Our solution brings parents, teachers and kids together to start the dialogue and communication that makes healthy, happy and secure community.
Good relationships come from collaboration. We're excited to start a dialogue, learn about you, and ‘Joyofy’ the world together.

Frequently asked questions

Joyofy is a tech start-up in the child-care management space. We offer solutions for pre-schools, after schools, in-home daycare, single location centers, multi-site centers, franchises and everything in-between. Our products and services are tailored to fit your business needs. Our co-founders, who are also parents of young children, combine a total of 30 years of technical expertise in software industry with 10 years of child care experience into feature rich software product which meet and exceed client’s needs.
Imagine managing your child-care center with just a few clicks. No paperwork, no hassle, no phone calls from parents. Everything managed through the Joyofy’s admin console and mobile app. Joyofy will free up your time from activities such as child’s check-in, check-out, scheduling, taking parents call about leave of absence and a lot more.
Our strength lies in our ability to serve customer needs in a very secure and cost effective way. While most other companies in the space believe in one solutions fits all, we believe in respecting customer needs and providing customized solutions based on their needs.
Joyofy delights parents by giving them an option of receiving the picture, videos of activities their child is involved in at school. They can also see who would be sent by the school to pick up their child. This way they can share the name and picture of the driver with their child in advance. Additionally parents get to specify the child’s schedule and child pick-up needs through our mobile app that runs on both iOS and Android.
Your data and personal information is kept confidential. We will never share your information with any party other than you and us
We at Joyofy, we dead serious about security. Security is embedded in each and every layer of the product we offer.
First, there is a login functionality for teacher, schools staff, and parents on mobile app. Login allows users to choose a password which they can use to login each time. Users are allowed to change their password as many times as they like through the app.
Second, we offer role based security for school staff. Super admin can take certain actions that admin can’t take and admin can take actions that individual without admin privilege can’t take.
All in all, security is woven into our product design from the very beginning.
Child pick-ups and drop-offs are fully integrated into our mobile app. We let the admin create a schedule for children and assign pick up personnel for each pick-up location. We let the parents use their mobile app to see who will pick-up their child.
Each action on our app generates a notification and a log entry. For example, when a driver picks up a child, a notification is sent to the authorized parent’s mobile phone. Same thing happens during check-in. These notifications keep the parents informed.
With time and attendance tracking feature, you’ll have child attendance and time sheet information available when you need it. Designed for your child-centered business, Attendance Tracker allows parents and authorized pickup people to check in at a computer check-in station or through mobile app.
  • Parents can check in their children with once click through our mobile app
  • Display Photos of Children at Check-In screen
  • Complete Audit Trail / Change Log
  • Send Messages to Individual People
  • Get reports on Joyofy’s Dashboard (who is checked in, emergency contacts, etc.)
  • You’ll also like the Receptionist / Front Desk Check-In feature which enables front desk staff to look up each authorized pickup person and check the children in for them.
  • Enjoy curbside check-in using any tablet device.
Joyofy lets you spend more time with kids, families and staff, and less time doing paperwork. With automated modules of our product, you would not have to maintain attendance sheets, schedules, or send emails for broadcasting info to parents. The admin functions of our product along with the mobile application take care these needs and more.
We made it very simple to broadcast messages to parents with one click on the mobile app. Additionally, we provide a similar feature on the admin console.
Yes, teachers can share pictures, videos, as well as a message with parents very easily through the mobile app.
Our cloud based solution lets you access information for your child-centered business from any computer with a high-speed internet connection at home, in the office, on a remote laptop, etc.
The data is stored on secure servers and made available online, only to you.
We at Joyofy created a solution for centers that need centralized data for multiple sites yet lack the funding to deploy and maintain expensive servers. Our cloud service does this.
We’ve taken the technical end of centralized data, perfected it, protected it and now offer it to centers for a modest fee.
Our awesome product and technical teams discussed this potential scenario. Such cases, although rare, can arise in remote locations. This is the reason we offer all of the mobile features through Web browser. As an example, this allows our users to complete a check-in using admin’s web panel instead of mobile app.