Welcome to Joyofy.

About Us

At Joyofy, we believe that there is a better way to care for children. Years of child care experience has taught us that transparent communication and functional logistics are the key to building trusting and productive relationships between parents, educators, and children. However, we know that program directors and teachers are often overloaded and parents are busy.

Enter Joyofy.

After ten years of firsthand experience dealing with cumbersome scheduling and inconsistent communication, we launched our web- and mobile-ready solution for easy all-in-one scheduling, coordination, and management of school and after school child care activities.

We believe that our children’s joy can be nurtured through accessible technological solutions that make sense for our families and educators. We hope you will join our joyful community to help our children flourish and grow.

Our team

Joyofy was founded by two parents of preschoolers who wanted to promote a stress-free learning environment for their children. With over 30 years of technical software experience under their belts, their goal is to develop education technology that builds a happy, healthy, and secure childcare community.

Since 2018, Joyofy has assembled a team of dedicated and creative developers and education professionals who collaborate tirelessly to bring you the best functionality and experience.

Please contact us with any questions or request a free demo to see how Joyofy can invigorate and support your school or child care center.