Joyofy Kiosk

Always know who’s on campus.

Introducing secure check-in kiosk that works hard for you.

Joyofy Kiosk is a trusted provider of check-in services for schools and child care centers. It can be used alongside Joyofy for Centers or as a separate service.

Keep track of who is coming and going with our highly customizable and simple-to-navigate platform.

Secure check-ins and checkouts for visitors, volunteers, field trip personnel, staff, and students

Track and manage attendance data to keep your campus safe

Select features and functionalities that align with your school or program needs

All Features
  • Quick check-ins and check-outs for anyone entering your campus.
  • Secure storage of fully compliant logs
  • Review and manage attendance data
  • Local database storage and off-line capacity in emergency to maintain a head count for safety
  • Document medical care provided by school nurse in Health Room
  • Custom set-up support, account management, and customer service
Health room features

Joyofy Kiosk features Health Room, a simple platform to document a child’s health care needs — always with safety and privacy in mind.

  • Check-in a child with a school nurse
  • Document any care received
  • Create an incident number
  • Maintain compliant records of medications
  • Keep health information private

Want customization?

We can customize features to meet the exact needs of your program, and we provide set-up, training, and account management for all of our platforms.

Our customer support team is always available to answer all of your questions.